TSC Fees

The club training fees for the year are divided into 12 regular monthly instalments. This takes into account periods where the club is shut, for example at Christmas, Easter and during the 3 week summer shut down, and spreads the cost evenly over the year. In addition, members must pay an ASA registration charge which will be included in the annual club membership fee every March.

The monthly training fees from 1st June 2017 are:

SquadMonthly DD
Learn to Swim (LTS)£20
Competitive Swim Award (CSA)£28
Competitive Swim Award - 2 (CSA2)£31
Skill Development Squad (SDS)£35
Competitive Development Squad (CDS)£37
Competitive Squad (CS)£39
Performance 2 (P2)£39
Performance 1 (P1)£45
Masters (MAS)£43
Masters Weekday (MAS3)£33
Masters Weekday Morning (MAS2)£23
Friday Adult Swim£17