Learn to Swim

We are here to help Tiverton and surrounding areas children gain confidence in the water, learn to swim and acquire excellent swimming skills. Based on experience, we believe that young children will be ready to start structured swimming lessons.

Our help is given on a voluntary basis which allows us to offer some of the lowest rates you will find. You and your children will, though, be helped by appropriately qualified and trained teachers.

Choose us, we are the only local Club who can take you seamlessly through from a non swimmer to a senior swimming programme at County and National standard. Along the way you may also be interested in taking part in one of our galas and social events.



Swim Teachers:

Fridays at 7pm to 8pm

£25 per month

Lorna Burston, Karen Fullick, Helen Wilson, Alison Williams, Lin Olsen, Lucy Cottrell, Dylan Cleverley, Ben Broomfield

Chloe Muggeridge

For more info please contact us by emailing the Membership Secretary