Competitive Swimming Award (CSA & CSA-2)

CSA is the club’s most junior competitive squad for swimmers who have achieved Stage 5 or above. Swimmers train once a week according to their allocated time slot. Training follows a rolling weekly schedule in which each session focuses on developing a different stroke or skill. Swimmers are allocated to a lane according to their fastest 25m times for each stroke which means that they will always be swimming at a similar speed to the others in their lane. CSA train on Wednesdays 6-7pm and CSA-2 have an additional hour on Sundays 4-5pm.

Race Nights are held three times a year where the swimmers get to put their new skills into practice. These events are time trials taking place under proper racing conditions using our electronic timing and starting equipment. As well as instructing swimmers on racing etiquette, Race Night also provides an opportunity for swimmers to gain ASA Flash Awards. These are achieved when swimmers meet time standards for the different strokes. Some of the Lane 3/4 swimmers may be invited to swim 50m rather than 25m so that they can get silver awards.

CSA Swimmer Objectives:
You should be looking to swim fast at race nights, achieve flash awards for all your strokes and enter the Club Championships.
Swimmers in the top lanes may also consider entering Open Meets (swimming galas) after discussion with the coaches.

Progression criteria to move squads:
Please see the Squad Movement Policy

ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Award Time Standards

StrokeBronze - 25mSilver - 50m